The Secret Life Of Man On The Bridge

So many months ago, I became one of the 4 Ford Fiesta agents and we were supposed to find our protege aka ‘agents in training’ that fits the categories we were in.

For weeks, we have searched and each of us found the agents in training which will then join us to be in Ford Fiesta newspaper ads.

To start off this campaign, I went for a photoshoot.


Managed to check out the photos taken. They spent hours selecting the best for Ford to use in their ads.

Then in September, the new Ford Fiesta was launched at Taylors Lakeside.

All 4 Agents were supposed to be there earlier as we were the faces of the Ford Fiesta. Harvee, the Agent Car Freak arrived same time as me.

Then the proteges aka agents in training arrived. Surprised that some of them know me. Yay! lol

One of my face was used for this banner which was placed at the shopping area in Taylors. What happened next was so amazing I nearly fainted. Stay tuned to my next post to find out more.


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