The Spinning Tree

After dinner, Patrick and I walked around looking for nice Christmas lights…

We saw this spinning tree…. it was spinning so fast if you put your hand there sure break and blood will fly all over.. no la im just crapping.

We then sat there watching the tree… mesmerised by the lights and probably were hypnotized.

I thought it would be better if i just take car light trails.. lol

I was standing at the side of the road taking this photo… when I spotted 2 person walking across the road  pointing at me…

I stare back at them… and I saw the girl whispering to the guy “smashpOp… smashpOp“…. so I smiled and they smiled back.

The guy then approached me and asked “You’re smashpOp right?” I nodded.

After some chit chat, they wanted to take a jump shot with me.. so we did it.

Thanks Nathalia and Henry for jumping with me. Nice meeting both of you. 😀 Thanks Patrick for taking this photo.

The lights at Isetan….

Here’s a video of a group of guys and girls caroling at Orchard road…. Patrick and I joined them.. .ahahaha funny shit. Watch ok.

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  1. day-dreamer

    The Singaporeans damn clever. The way they build the Merry Christmas “gerbang”, when we take photos = help them advertise ERP. LOL.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahhaa probably they got no where else to put the deco

  2. Furkids in Hong Kong

    Did it snow in Singapore like it did in Hong Kong? 😛

    I like the baby in front of the Spinning Tree. The way he/she is looking at you. 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    did it snow in hongkong?

    wah i didnt notice the baby at all lol

  3. annna

    ya ya.. u spinned like the tree in ur previous post and i’m still figuring how u do the spin. After seeing the tree, i believe u were standing on some sorta spinning thingy (like those spin thingy in gym to shake shake). LOL

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah nex time we spin togteher if got chance k

    annna Replies:

    orait.. den i shall master ur spinness. lol

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