The Ultimate SONY HX50 Photo Test!

So some of you might know, I got a new toy recently. It is the new SONY Cybershot HX50 with 30x Optical Zoom and built-in Wifi. You can view the unboxing photos and video here.

In this post, I am gonna show you how I put the camera to test in certain extreme and day to day situations. First up, the ZOOM of course! with 30X Optical zoom, no compact cameras in the market can beat it. Coupled with digital zoom, this little gadget can do wonders. Let me show you.

So I was at Majectic Hotel the other day and I saw this boards across the road and I wondered what was written on them. This was the view without zoom. Totally cannot make out any of the text on the white boards.

I then maxed out the optical zoom on the HX50, which is 30X. Done. I could see everything clearly.

Since I could still squeeze some digital zoom, I figured.. WHY NOT! haha.. booms 60X zoom. Clear and sharp.

I then went all out and utilized the digital zoom up to 83X and look! There are some dirty spots in the blue logo on the left. HAhaha amazing right? The HX50 has improved Super Steadyshot to counter the handshake in zoomed conditions.

So how is the HX50 in taking close up food shots? Not bad. colours are vibrant, contrast is high and images are sharp.

One disappointment is the performance under low light. Images were smudgy and colours are desaturated.

Macro mode is really good on the HX50! The autofocus managed to measure the distance and focus precisely on the object I wanted to snap.

Took the HX50 to Batu Caves to snap some photos of the statue outside the caves. With bright sky, the statue of the god is still very much visible and sharp and at the same time, the sky is not overexposed. Good stuff.



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