The Village

ok lets explore the so called village at Tangkuban Perahu.

Nice from far… but far from nice.

wooo as we enter.. i met up with Jemay.. so we took a photo..

since we were given about 2 hours to lepak here at the volcano… all of us just walked randomly..

so after meeting Jemay.. I met Royce n Angie

omg if i keep on meeting ppl lidat.. then have to camho all the way til the end of the road liao.

all the shops there sells the same thing… miniature table decos, keychains, crystals, bracelets.. etc etc

then guess wat… I met ppl again… ahha

the Hitz gang were shopping for some souvenirs..

the moment before we took this pic… Adam asked, “eh what pose? jump?” then I say… “erm. erm.. nvm its alright. heh”

Rames and I walked a while more n then it was time to leave already…

we then took the truck back to our busses which were waiting for us at the carpark.

so I shall put this pic to end our journey to Tangkuban Perahu.

I having sexy time at the volcano with your juice keep spurting out… NICEE!

what happened next? where did the busses bring us?


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