They got kicked out

Part 2 of So You Think You Can Dance? Competition.

this post has 8 pictures… the most in 1 post in the history of ahahah

More photos of the dancers in action!

woot! dennis in action

everyone calls Jimmy the dance king.. hmm

the 2nd last couple to appear and their dance was Samba.

so after everyone has performed, it was that time again…

2 contestants had to be kicked out.

everyone was asked to be on the stage n wait for the results. Seen here, Becky, Dennis and Sue had the same expression on their faces. Scared can! lol

Results were announced by the host and the 2 person who got kicked out was Chris and Alice

Jenifer and Cherrie kept voting for Chris but too bad… no help.

lastly, a group shot before the event ended.

and we had ours as well. hehe

i might be going again this Thursday, anyone? 😀


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