This 7-Inch Long Object Is Sticky & Thick. You Won’t Believe What It Is.

As we ventured deeper into WuLai in Taipei, we found more food, more sceneries and more people!

As shown in previous post, we were intrigued by the sausages sold. So we each bought one!

It tasted so good I had to do the S-Curve. lol

Caryn loved it so much she started to shine.

Of course, we cannot neglect the beautiful view there.. just like these 3 people staring across the river.

This lady was selling something funny. IT was 7 inches long. White and thick.

Once grilled, she will simmer with peanut and sugar coating. SO AWESOME.

See how Ive got the 6-inch on my left, 7-inch on my right… and an 8-inch… ok nvm 😛

Joshua was curious and couldn’t stop snapping photos of this thing. lol


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