Ok after lunching at Pastamania, we walked over to KL Convention Center to visit Aquaria.

Herbert was clueless about the place. He kept asking us…

“What place is this?”

“Aquaria..”, we answered.

“I dono what u talking.. What place is this?????????”

“AQUARIA!!!” we shouted at his face.

Herbert being a menace… asking again… WHAT PLACE IS THIS????

Somehow pics of fishes are a bit boring… so I added some speech bubbles to them. Enjoy lah ok. lol

Took this the moment we stepped in. The crew there were helpful enough to tell us about the lil creatures.

… and there were small aquariums with lil fishes inside..

they have snakes, insects and bears too! (ok no bears la.. i cincai say oni lol)

Small alligators

We then went into the underwater tunnel.

they got all sorts of fish there….

That’s us!.. and erm.. ppl around us.

View this video I took insude the tunnel.


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