This is LOVE

The next session at the Quiksilver tour was skateboarding.

We all ran from the surf beach to the half pipe ramp to see them skate up down left right.

i seriously dono any of their names… but don care la kan?

enjoy fotos better 🙂

love it and you will do it well. This is Love…. Nike’s new tagline.. woot!

he looked confident. will he perform well?

YES! Great success! haha the 2 fellas at the corner of the foto a bit funny.

Not all of the skaters did well…

some failed…. some slipped… some.. dono why they failed.

but anyhow…

they tried again and again… fuh…..

and thats skateboarding for you.

now lets see chiqs for a while

What’s next?

Can you guess?


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