This Is A Beautiful Cafe In Malaysia That Doesn’t Exist

So every photo you see of coffee and cafe on social media will eventually give you an idea of where to go next for your next catch up session or brunch meetings. It’s perfectly normal.

What I’m about to show you now, is something like 5th dimension thingymajig whereby the cafe is so real but you can never visit it in your life.

This, is Sugar Rush.

The cafe was painted full black; ceiling, walls, doors etc. But the decors were unique.

The interior was always half-completed whereby visitors would think that it is still undergoing renovation but nope. It was complete.

They had cakes. Lots of cakes. With table lamps highlighting the texture and colours of each of them.

I managed to try their cakes and coffee. It was a little sweet. Coffee was good.

I even managed to treat it as my workplace for a while.

Unfortunately, Sugar Rush in Pusat Bandar Damansara is no more. They closed down. So there you go, story of a beautiful cafe that doesn’t exist anymore.


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