To the Summit!

Finally, 3rd day in Monte Carlo, was the peak of the whole trip cos it was the first day of the Nokia Developer Summit 09 (NDS) event and it was the reason why we were sent there.

After breakfast, we all walked to the convention hall which was located just few minutes away from the hotel.

Once we arrived, we saw a lot of the NDS cubes pasted on the ground forming a pathway guiding us to the hall.

As we approached the entrance, I said “stop! don go in first… we r still early! lets walk around and take photos” haha.

.. and so we walked around the area and also were enjoying the cool breeze from the sea at the same time. The little building in the photo was the hotel we stayed in.

Another angle. The other side of the hall.

So at about 10am, we went in. Was kinda excited cos I didn’t know what happens in there.

The lobby was very spacious and everyone was trying out the wifi connection as they need to live blog from the keynote presentation after that.

More photos tomorrow! 😀



  1. Danny

    Hi Smashpop @ Jason, wei you no need to work wan meh? can take so many days off to monte carlo. jealous lorr.. aha

    smashpOp Replies:

    wah call me full name ah? ahahha ahah just 1 week ma can geh

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