Toasts for breakfast

… we then hopped onto the ferry to cross over to Penang Island…

the first thing i shot when i got on…. the ‘sampans’ and the sky… woo

Douglas got me posing for a shot. Super nice. My current msn display. 🙂

I then looked around and saw everybody sitting there…

it was the same scene as the one I have in my hard disk memory… when I travelled with my parents to Penang when I was young…

girl girl… don emo k? come i gip u lolipOp

We met up with Ah Lok, our ‘tour guide’. He’s a friend of Douglas and has been staying there for about 3 years.

He brought us for breakfast at Lorong India or something… a street that I couldnt spot even one Indian. -_-”

A photo of the stall taken by my uncle when he was young… I managed to scan and post it here to show you guys….

lol it was actually a shot I took of the stall and edited to give it a vintage feel.

we had toasts, nasi lemak and half boiled eggs.

after eating, Ah Lok drove us to our next dextination: Kek Lok Si Temple.

Comin up next.


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