Traffic Jam – Not A Nightmare with the Nissan Leaf

As some of my friends would know, I am staying quite far away from my workplace and I get stuck in traffic jams every single day, to and from work. I’ve been tweeting my frustration every morning until it became a topic of discussion whenever I meet up with my friends. Lol

So when I got selected as the Ambassador for the Nissan Leaf, I had one thing in mind; to see if this electric car can actually live up to my expectations in making my journey better.

Look at all the cars around me in the photo above.. I’m sure all Malaysians experience this every single day.

Friends asked me before, “people drive normal car.. you drive electric car.. got difference or not?” and my reply was “of course got lah driving the Leaf gives you the power to turn heads you know!”

It’s true! I’ve never gotten so much stares before while getting stuck in traffic jams ahahha. The people driving across the road were all staring at the Leaf as I slowly move parading the awesome outlook of it. Apart from being the centre of attraction, there’s also the real advantage, which is saving money.

With my previous car (well it was a petrol car of course), getting stuck in hours of traffic jam means petrol getting drained without even moving to anywhere near my destination. That’s a problem faced by almost everyone. 80 bucks of petrol give me full tank but often times, 20% of it is used solely in traffic congestions.

Now with the Nissan Leaf, I am no longer afraid of the traffic jams. Why? Cos it barely uses up the battery power when the car is stagnant, especially when we brake a lot. This is because everytime we brake, the power regenarates by about 6%. This doesn’t mean the more you brake the more electric you gain, but it is enough to maintain the power level, preventing the drainage of electric.

Remember Tamagochi? Well you can sort of get that kinda fun with the Nissan Leaf too! Depending on how efficient your driving is, you get to collect trees! In this photo, you can see that I managed to collect about 3 trees. It’s also an indicator on how eco-friendly your journey is.

Apart from not draining battery power and no need to fill up petrol at all, the car is also very smooth. It’s so smooth that even my colleagues claimed that the experience was like sitting in a hovercraft. Quiet engine, comfortable interior and super amazing torque. All these contributes to a pleasurable driving experience which I never get from my previous cars.

At the end of each day, I come home feeling good as I do not contribute any pollution to the air and I don’t waste money unneccesarily during traffic jams.


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