Tribe Toyota

2 weeks ago I was invited by Josh to attend a Toyota event called Tribe Toyota, at Cineleisure. It was actually a get together event for all Toyota owners.

When we arried there… we a bit jakun and we walked all over to see what games and contests were there and saw spiderman!

Spiderman lo… lol with clowns too.

Then as I continued walking I saw people jumping dancing and rolling on the floor holding tv remote controllers… i was like WTF??

Rupa-rupanya they were some family members playing the Nintendo Wii. ahahhaa ok lah… activities for everyone kan?

But speaking of activities for all, this one sure win.


Spot the eating humans.

I met Simonso there too!

Can you see the metal-ish thingy behind us? Haaaa tell you later.

Toyota users were then entertained by dance performances by some professionals… seriously they dance damn nice can! Here’s a photo.

Too bad I didnt record video of their dance.

Actually, the Tribe Toyota Bash was also held to gather everyone to witness the largest Toyota logo made out of recyclable cans.

They even received an award from Malaysia’s Book of Records! Hebatness.

Oh here’s a group shot of us there.




  1. ahmike

    I also Jakun too xD

    smashpOp Replies:

    hi 5. lol

  2. EVo

    Aiseh. I tot can see pop rock climbing..cheyyyy 😛

    smashpOp Replies:

    cheh dowan . lol

    Pitbull puppies for sale Replies:

    that toyota sign is awesome!!!

  3. jian aka miao

    Lol how come you’re holding nikon 1?

    smashpOp Replies:

    ppl use my camera to shoot me… then i help them hold camera lah… common sense. lol

  4. maRCus

    oic.. event rupernyer.. i thot what… hahahah! XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    u tot wat wo

  5. leewf

    The recyclable cans’ logo look great 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    yea agree

  6. irvine

    looks cool the event ^^

    smashpOp Replies:

    ok lor… the nvr give out free cars 🙁 lol

  7. JACQ

    Ya how come you’re holding Nikon leh? Second camera ah?

    smashpOp Replies:

    fren use my camera to shoot me… then i help them hold camera lah… common sense. lol

  8. Jonathan

    That looks awesome. Great picture.

  9. Henna

    The 6th photo of the Toyota Logo is awesome. I wonder how much effort and people it required. I will be so happy if you could send the top view of that logo to my email id. The combination of red cans and some off white is making the logo really wonderful.

  10. beobow

    The combination of red cans and some off white is making the logo really wonderful.

  11. Car DVD

    well, k of envy u! it seems to be a funny get together even.
    what’s more, i love wii, but i can’t afford one -_-

  12. Cheap Auto Insurance Blogger

    I love Toyotas!!

  13. Trucks and SUVs

    Nice flicks! That was a great event! Did not have a cam with me on it, so I will save one of those for memory. Hi 5, Toyota people for doing this!

  14. Herrington

    I’m reluctant that the Pit bull requirements a exclusive sort of operator…these pet dogs, no matter how ‘tender’ nevertheless have teeth, are still animals with out moral ideas and once they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all creatures…some tend to be additional suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to try and do just that.

  15. Spoilers

    Wow! Amazing job with the cans! Do you have any idea how many cans were used? Is this the record by the size or the amount of cans used?

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