Trishaw and the man

After lunch, I went to the town area… was a bit reluctant to go actually.. cos too chaotic over there… but then I really wanted to have my lil street photo shoot before meeting up my relatives at Tangjung Bungah…

so I went.. and started snapping.

This post is focused on two subjects. The trishaw and the old man.

It was parked by the roadside… I was attracted to it and I started squatting and kneeling and lying around it… when I heard a voice.

“young man, is this yours?”

It was a voice of an old man. I turned around and saw an elderly looking at me with a camera lens cap in his palm.

The word on the lens cap says “SONY”

I told him that it wasn’t mine and I continued snapping.

The old man was talking again, but this time the voice was softer.. as if he was talking to me from quite a distance.

He was sitting at the bus stop behind me.

“Are you from Singapore?”

“No.. im from KL”, I replied. Then I added “may I take a shot of you?”

He agreed and posed for me.

Thanks uncle! hehe

Then he stood up and walked towards another old man who was already standing there looking at the traffic.

I snapped them.

Im not sure if you guys see it, but I can somehow see some vanishing point element in this photo.

anyways, guess I should do my part in contributing to the “Visit Malaysia Year” campaign. 😀


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