TT at Asia Cafe

A few days after we came back from PD, we had a TT session at Asia Cafe and also to celebrate Seth’s birthday before he goes back to east Malaysia.

An initial group shot.

Someone’s getting creamface!

.. suddenly the cream on the cake started flying to everyone’s face (or rather.. my face!)..

Another group shot after the cake cutting.

More camho shots…

and finally….

The TT ended at midnight… babaiiiiiiiiiiiii…

Check out this video.



  1. maRCus

    you ACTUALLY took pics WITH the cream stain on your specs.. hayo.. haha! XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    yes la how often do u get that cream on your face man? lol

  2. KJ

    hahaha who’s the CULPRIT? hahaha =P

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