TwestivalKL 2011 at Finnegans!

Just came back from the annual Tweet. Meet. Give event Twestival KL! This year the event is organised to support PRIHATIN, an NGO in Kota Bahru caring for single mothers and children living with AIDS/HIV.

Here are some photos from Finnegan’s just now. MORE WILL BE POSTED IN THE FUTURE!

The night was full of laughter as we have funny people like Jit Murad and Kuah Jenhan there. haha

As usual the night was about meeting people and taking photos together gether lol. These bunch are the techiest people in KL… Scamboy, Cerventus, Aprilyim just to name a few.

25% of Siao Gang. lol

Salty buddies Mr. Dog and Mr. Shydrew

New friend! Hello YeanChing!

With 2 sexay and hemsem bloggers Arystle and Chris Tock.

… and a shot with the entertainers of the night.Hansenlee, Nikicheong, ElaineDaly, JitMurad, WillQuah, HemsempOp and JenHan.

Congrats to everyone involved as we have collected about RM15,000 to support PRIHATIN!



  1. Yinxie

    Fuish! hensempop! ahahhaha!!

    smashpOp Replies:

    hai 😛

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