Ugly looking Monkfish and Soju for lunch!

OK done looking at the area and me taking off shoes in my previous post… let’s check out the food we had.

The same starter dishes we can get here in Malaysia everytime we have Korean food.

We had 2 types of Monkfish.. spicy..

… and non spicy. They were cooked on a hot pan, with soup and beansprouts and vege.


This….. is……. Monkfish…. *vomits* lol

I also had my first try at Korean distilled rice wine, Soju.. which was VERY STRONG.

Me and our Korean tour guide. Cheers!

Once done, we went back to the streets and got back to our bus…



  1. jolene

    the fish is so ugly! mouth so big. how does it taste?

    smashpOp Replies:

    taste like jelly.. eurhhhhhhh

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