Urbanscapes Jump

Hello people.

21st July is coming. So here goes…

OK at least those whom have been asking “whats that pimp thing?” gets a clearer picture now.

Actually I wanted to wait til my Urbanscapes post then only I’ll put up this photo… but I cant wait lah… so put now la ok. hahaa

Thanks JiokSwan for this photo.

Cant wait til this Saturday…. cos I’ll be going to Melaka for a photoshoot organised by Sony. Woot! (For those planning to ask me how to join, its already full so cannot register anymore)



  1. Jeff

    Eh Eh.. I’m in it right?? *i mean the smashpop-pimps?*

  2. Alice Teh

    FABULOUS jump! Love that pair of plastic flowers too.

    I assume I’m in because I’ve already pimp-gister myself some time ago. Right? Right? Don’t tell me you didn’t get my comment har…

    P/S: The earth still shakes when I jump (practice, practice…)

    Alice Teh Replies:

    BTW, why do you need pocket for the pimping thingy? Please enlighten further. Thank you! 😀

  3. Jamie

    YOHH!!! I hate you! you have such long legs!! teach me how to jump someday xD. the most i can go is just 15cm off the ground I thinkkk. haha.

  4. [email protected]!ra~

    Good pose and pic!!! and erm.. i still don’t really know what is that… but nevermind, i’ll patiently wait the answer.

  5. ahlost

    Wah.. You can jump so high O_O

  6. andrew

    can never jump like you do!! LOL… hahaha…. super high lo!! and btw!! cant wait for pimp la!!! hehehe

  7. Eric Oye

    yo, another fancy jump..^O^ Long time din came here to visit, i change my blog from muaks.wordpress.com to myblog.skyblended.com lo…dunno you remember who i am tak? haha…anyway…i love the HEMPOP thingy…^O^

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