Urbanscapes & Me in Mags

2 POPCRAPs in a week??????? OMG what is this???????????

Today oni got 2 CRAPs la ok.


I went to Urbanscapes today with Jiok at KLPAC.

3 words to describe. HOT. SWEAT. FUN. TIRED. (ok 4 words la k)

Lemme show u guys 3 photos first.. the rest ill blog it again soon.

There was a marketplace, gallery, photo exhibition, performance stage and many more..

Met a looooooooot of people there! Here’s a photo of me and these 2 fellas. lol (i like my baju can! haha)

I love the fotos I took from Hall 1… will show more next time. LD


I’m on mags n newspapers again! lol

This is the most recent one.. i saw this when i was flipping thru the magazine 2 days ago.

This was 2 months ago i think… forgot.

This one also.

ok lah finish story. How was your Saturday? Tell me a bit pls. Kthxbye



  1. narrowband

    Nice revamp bro. WordPress rawks. Haha. Hey I also see me in Sunday Times and ChIP! hhahaha

  2. Butik Online

    Nice, i just start to learn about pop art and i wish could be like you.

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