Visit to the Zoo

2 weeks ago, I went for a photoshoot outing at the zoo with Pinkfrog, Jenhan and Su Ann.

(L-R)Pinkfrog, ME!!!, Jenhan, SuAnn

We reached there at about 10am and went in straight away.. too kanjiong edi.. wanted to see the animals asap.

There’s one foto i took.. the object in the foto looks like a giraffe dick… im not sure though.. probably not. anyone wanna see?

There was one elephant that caught my attention. It’s trunk looked exactly like a Nikon 80-200mm lens… hmm

Pinkfrog wears pink sunglasses… OOO KAYYYY.. hmm..

so ok part 2 coming up tomoro.

more pictures of the animals.

more pictures of us too. (doing silly things)

so come back tomorrow.

yes su ann… u may go celebrate your mooncake festival now and ocme back tomorrow.


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