Visiting Ampang Gang on CNY

OK there were a lot of visitings on Chinese New Year.. I guess everyone does the same thing. haha In 2009, I visited Mojosh.

One of the days on CNY this year, Bryan, Mynjayz and I decided to do a lil Visit-Ampang-Gang thingymajig n invited some friends over to our cribs.

First visit was to Bryan’s house. We erm… had some table activity there. hahaha

Group shot at all the Ampang houses!

oh btw.. can anyone guess whos this. LOL

Then everyone visited my house and somehow we ended camhoring in my room. LOL

Group shot!!!

3rd house was Mynjayz’s.

Group shot! ahha



  1. bryanlyt

    wah, my house so nais wan =p

  2. uLi

    I am also Ampang gang wor…..

  3. romantic sms

    Excellent post, you guys are amazing!

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