Wanna own a Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear?

Remember my post on Toy Story 3 few days ago? Did I mention that it’s the best movie I’ve watched this year? Hehe it really is. Feels like watching it for the 2nd time. Whos with me? 😀

The movie has a great combination of elements like friendship, courage, family a touch of humor and suspense and apart from the usual Woodie, Buzz Lightyear and gang, some of the characters in the movie were new additions and a few of them are quite memorable like Ken and the warm and fuzzy Lots-O-Huggin Bear.

If you haven’t watched the movie, PLEASE GO AND WATCH FOR ITS DAMN NICEEEE lolllll and if you have, like me… watch it again!

Do you know that you can now watch Toy Story 3 at TGV Cinemas nationwide and stand a chance to win one of the new characters in the movie, LOTS-O-HUGGIN’ BEAR?

It’s very easy. Just participate in the simple contest by purchasing two (2) TOY STORY 3 movie ticket stubs to be eligible for one (1) contest form. You can also download the form here.

See how big is the bear compared to the other toys around him? Woot! TGV is giving out 10 LIVE SIZE LOTS-O-HUGGIN’ BEAR nationwide! Each bear is worth RM800! Wow.

Entry forms to the contest are also available at TGV Cinemas. Just purchase 2 TOY STORY 3 tickets at any TGV Cinemas to get one (1) contest form.
You may also download the form from the TGV website at http://www.tgv.com.my/TGV_specials/contest.asp. Each entry requires the participant to answer one simple question and complete a slogan in less than 120 words!

SO whatchu waiting for? Go enjoy yourself.. watch the movie and win the bear now! Make sure to watch it at TGV cinemas.. why? Cos of the spacious, larger seats, a wide variety of snacks & beverages offered, huge selection of screening times and convenient locations right in the heart of your neighborhood.

Anyways. For more info on this contest, Log on to www.tgv.com.my.




  1. yinxie

    pOp!!! you macam lotso the hugging bear! but you don’t smell like strawberry also? XPPPPP

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah i smell like durian 😀

    yinxie Replies:

    yee… busuk… XPPP *runs away from DurianPoP

  2. TZ

    Hmmm… after watching Toy Story 3. I think i will give it a past. No Hugging bear that smell like Strawberry :p

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah cos he is bad guy? :d

  3. uLi

    Wah! Got contest to get the bear but not for Woodie or Buzz ya….hehe!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah that wan hav to ask tgv liao

  4. Gewinnspiele

    hi Thats a very interesting edu blog. I think edu stands for interesting blogs 🙂

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