Wat camera I use?

Its sunday again!! weeeeeeeeeee!

I went to Bangsar just now to have dinner with my primary + secondary school friend and then rushed to Murni to meet up with Slinky, Nat, Bryan, Kelli and William for a drink.

What did you do on Saturday?

This photo was taken in April 2006 when we had a big bloggers gathering at Dome, Midvalley. After that gathering, we ‘gathered’ again outside of the mall cos everyone wanted to do the smashpOp jump… and so we did. lol

many ppl added me in MSN in the past months…

most of them told me they read my blog and added me using the email i put in my profile.

99% of them asked the same question when they started chatting with me.

“Hi, what camera do you use for your shots?”

Well, I always tell them to see my blog again cos I have been trying hard to put banners in each and everyone of my posts to tell ppl what camera I use for each of them but I think it might be too small so no one realises it.

So here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to know what camera I use.

there you go. If anyone still not sure of what camera i am using, feel free to ask me again in MSN. I will personally bring you to the camera shop and point the camera to you. hahahahahhahahha



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