Water Taxi Ride!

So how’s it like when the boat started moving into the lake?

This was the view in front of us..

Enjoying the scenery outside the water taxi

New buildings in the smart city

Jennifer was kinda bored in the boat so I went to talk with her a bit… and got to know more about her daily life in Korea

Posing posing posing…

An Instagram I posted when I was there…

After leaving East Boat House, we went for coffee at a hotel nearby.

Filmed this when I was on the boat. CHECK IT!



  1. ewin

    u laugh sendiri. shiok sendiri ah. hahaha
    the girl bz taking photo la hahaha funny laaa

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahhahahah yala i tot she talking to me ma then when i see.. she is not.. then hav to force her to look lor later malu lol

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