We Are The Judges!

Pt.1: Hello Paris! Hello Helsinki!
Pt.2: First meeting with Ms.Helsinki
Pt.3: CityCenter & Stockmann in Helsinki
Pt.4: Streets In Helsinki
Pt.5: Nokia Store, Cafe In The Park & Exploring Helsinki
Pt.6: First Dinner In Finland!
Pt.7: Visit to Nokia House in Helsinki, Finland
Pt.8: The bridge, the room & the wall of Nokia phones
Pt.9: Top view, bottom view and rooftop garden at Nokia House, Finland

After touring the Nokia House, it was finally lunch time.

We gathered in a meeting room and waited for one of the managers to join us.

We had time so we posed a bit.

Lunch was at the cafe in Nokia House itself.

We then went out of to the outdoor area for ice cream!

The view above us.

We took a groupie!

Why were we in Finland? To announce us as the Nokia MVC Judges.


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