We came, we drove, we returned the FREED

This is part 3 of my ‘Bloggers Testdrive Honda FREED’ post.

We took lotsa photos during the trip using the Instax camera provided.

Ellie enjoying her drive.

Best shot of us!

At Putrajaya we did some games n activities. Monique, who was my high school mate, is how working in Honda.

Also camho-d with Arystle, John and Daniel.

We took a group shot before going back to KL.

Ewin zoom zoom 160kmph to KL cos we were rushing to MTV World Stage as Sunway. 😀



  1. JLean

    Wassup Jason. Haha, didn’t drove the Freed till 160 yet. But now at least I know it can reach there. hahaz. But I could not believe the Fuel consumption is low due to the new technology just that the design abit squarish.

    smashpOp Replies:

    could the FC be lower than a city?

    i think the squarish design is quite nice lol

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