We Eat, Drink, Play, Repeat At Club Med Finolhu, Maldives

This is part 2 of my update from my recent trip to Club Med Finolhu, Maldives.
Part 1 here.

This was actually a structure at the jetty. Love how it was full white, combined with the casted shadow, it creates a very beautiful scene.

Woody enjoyed himself so much playing water at the private pool and at the villa.

Lunch was buffet style. Food presentation was fine dining style. Perfect combo.

Another awesome structure. This walkway leads to the jetty and the roof was made of solar panels.

One of the best thing to happen during this trip was the new friends we made. It was definitely a fun thing to talk about our Instagram experiences with Instagrammers from different countries.

This inlude my fellow Malaysian grammers who flew there together with me.


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