We Got Personal With Nokia In HongKong

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After leaving SOHO, we went back to the hotel to shower n stuff.. then at about 6pm, we gathered at the lobby and all went to the convention center to attend the Nokia event (which was also the reason why we were in HK).

At the convention center, there were girls with signboards that says “This Time It’s Personal” guiding us to the location.

We arrived and registered ourselves.

Got ourselves some welcome gift and a blue drink!

So what exactly were these blue drinks? Until now I am still clueless.

It was about to start..

I went and checked out the view outside before it got dark.

…. and we then waited for the presentation to start

Everyone was waiting too.

Check out the video I recorded there

MORE NEXT! For coverage on the new Nokia phones, click to DISCOVRPOP!



  1. Clinton Jeff

    Haha that’s an awesome picture of the three of us! 😀

    smashpOp Replies:

    I know right! ahahahhah

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