We teleported!

Wanna know more about the latest Nokia service for your Nseries? Click on the image. 😀


I just came back from the premier screening of I Am Legend. Brought my parents there. I so good kan? ahah… I dont wanna spoil it… but here’s my ratings… 7/10. 😀 It’s worth watching.

OKAY! so… after eating thai food, we went to have dessert.

Watch the video! See how we teleported to the hawker center. hahahaha.. a bit like Hiro in ‘Heroes’. No editing at all…. Whole video recorded using the N95… but a bit hard to hear our voices cos wind too strong

This is the stall… its situated right opposite New World Park.

This one not bad. Worth trying.

This one sux. They put too much santan(coconut milk). The cendul in KL much better.

We had O chien too! This one is superb… crunchy.. like fried crackers at the bottom with eggs and oysters mixed… plus the sourish chilli sauce…. omg.

after eating… we walked across the road to New World Park to have a short walk to digest all the thai food and dessert and oysters…

and then we leaned. lol

Have you watched the video of us teleporting? Dont close this window if you are waiting for it to load ok


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