We the HengDais!

Let’s get back to the normal posts… hahah

Jed and Jacklyn got married few months ago and I was one of Jed’s hengdais (brothers).

We arrived at Jed’s house at about 7am, put up all the cute lil wedding bears on our cars and were all set to go on a journey to pick up the bride. (notice the fleet of Myvis behind us?)

Jed’s dad sent him off and said “MAKE SURE U BRING JACKLYN HOME OR YOU DONT COME BACK!!!” @[email protected]

… and off we went… with Jed’s car as the leader.

All 5 of our Myvis followed from the back.

Haroo! Iz me! lol

We finally arrived at Jacklyn’s house…. the cousin demanded for Angpau or else he wont open the door… “FASTER GIVE ME MONEY OR ELSE YOU STAY IN THE CAR!

Though all these might sound fun… but we did not expect whats comin up next…


Seems like we have to go through this BOSS LEVEL in order to be able to save the princess….

Next up! Challenges we went through before picking up the bride!



  1. rinnah

    Heheh… looks like the Myvi is popular among your gang? I noticed you put “convoy of 5 Myvis”… 😀

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha most of us lor..

  2. andrew

    harooo!!! LOL +D chinese new year damn fast over can?

    smashpOp Replies:

    yala.. dowan can?

  3. Hitomi

    how to create the effect of your last 3 & 4 pics??

    smashpOp Replies:

    got effect meh?

  4. Hitomi

    erm…how come the background like that one??

  5. ed.inc

    more like go to ” hoi pin” !!
    but all in white shirts lah..
    cool bro!!!


  6. Silencers

    OI. Photoshopped motion blur kah, ahahaha!

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