We The VIPs in Hatyai

The flight to Hatyai took only 1 hour! Damn fast!

Jian the Miao, Jason the pOp, Adrian the Super.

I think we spent most of the time taking photos of the clouds… ahahha Adrian took videos non stop!

… and we finally arrived!

I was shocked the moment we got out of the plane like damn shocked… cos I did not expect to see what we saw that day.

Air Asia crew were down there welcoming us with a big banner!

That’s not all..

Then we saw Thai people welcoming us with these boards held up! FUAH! Felt damn VIP.
Malaysia meets Songkhla.. u know.. my Tshirt.. says “Malaysia”.. u know.. LOL

Adrian walking into the airport like a G6.

Afterall… we had VIP tags on our luggages.. hahhaah




  1. christock

    phuaaaaah! VIP kao kao!

  2. Niki

    Femes and VIP … wah ….

  3. xjion89

    wow, din visit ur blog for so long! and nw, loving ur new header^^

    so nice can travel here and thre~

  4. Zhi Shan

    waaaaaaaaa.. VIP!!

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