We Took A Train To Singapore

Back in March, when Apple announced the new iPad, they released it for a few countries and one of them was Singapore.
Since Malaysia wouldnt get it til much later, I decided to make my way down to SG to get it. I grabbed 2 of my buddies along… and we took the train.

All photos taken using my phone.

We thought of getting the coach with beds but it was all sold out so we had to SIT all the way there.

2 hours later we were bored. So we walked to the canteen coach, sat there and played Bingo.

Bernie suggested it since we didnt have any games or gadgets with us.

I was ready. lol

He didnt expect me to snap this photo, hence that look

An announcement made around 5am saying that there was a train in front of us slipped off the track and we couldnt go through.

We got off the train, took a bus… and it took us for a 40mins journey to another train station. Here we waited for about an hour before we could continue our journey.




  1. Bernard

    My face is here is damn cacat wei….lolz

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