We Went On The ‘Duk Ling’ Junk In Hong Kong!

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Part 11: BIG Buddha Plank! BIG Buddha Jump!

After leaving Big Buddha in Lantau Island, we went for breakfast!


We then proceeded to our next adventure at Hongkong Jetty.

THE DUCK LING!!!!!!! It’s Hongkong’s traditional fishing junk which is now made as a tourist attraction.

Since the Nokia trip this time has the theme ‘Try Something New’, they really planned all the things for us which was really new to us. AMAZING.

The sail yo! Fuh.. Super 3D like photo. I like hehe

The history of the Duck Ling

Posing a bit while chilling on the boat.




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    Hi! The dim sum looks nice.. do u still keep the address or the restaurant name?

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