We went to Putrajaya

Last week I went to Putrajaya with Hikaru and Eunice to witness the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition.

We went there on the 2nd day.

We reached there at 7pm… so we walked around n took some pics.

We were supposed to go there and meet some friends for dinner at Alamanda.

suddenly the sky turned dark… and our stomachs started making noise… and we stopped snapping and quickly drove to the shopping mall to have dinner.

and we went to Ayamas AGAIN! HAHAHAHHA

some frens didnt make it… so dinner was just the 3 of us again….

this pic i like 😀

the tomyam fish damn nice!!! everyone must go try 😛

ok at about 830 we drove back to the city and met up with 2 friends.

Who? Stay tuned. lol


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