We Went Visiting

On the 7th day of CNY, my high school friends and I gathered together and went visiting at everyone’s house. We have been doing this since.. form 3 i think.. lol..

so woke up at 7. met some of them and started the day by having breakfast together at McD.. all still blur blur since it was too early.

Every year we would start visiting the first house at about 10am.. and will eventually end at the last house late at night cos we need to go to about 15 – 20 houses in 1 day.

This year we only managed to visit about 10 houses.. cos not enough member haha some busy paktor.. some busy with work.. hmm

A lil bit of camho action took place at one of the house we went in the afternoon.

Some of us wanted to camho cos MingTeck’s “bigger than a palace” house got us turned on. Didn’t know Bukit Segar in Cheras got houses that big omg

Munyee(working as a nurse now) urged me to one corner.. pulling my shirt… she said..

“pOp.. the couch so comfy.. i want..”

@[email protected]

“i want to camho. snap me”


So there you go nurse!

One thing for sure… we did not fail to taste the new year cookies every house we go.

At about 830pm we reached our house. ahaha

and there were only 6 of us left…

(Laurel, ME!!!, Hing Fai, MunYee, Hubert) and thanks Jed for taking this photo for us.


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