WEBUY – Every Second Matters

As usual I was surfing around forums and stuff and I stumbled upon this website called WeBUY. Interesting enough, it’s a local website!

What it does? It’s a ‘group buying’ website. That means, it allows groups of people to agree in buying something, then they will bulk it.

WeBUY features new deals every max 3 days with 50% – 90% discounts. Bear in mind that the deal will only be “ON”/ ”Activated” if there are enough people. So this is exactly like those bulk purchase thingymajig in forums. If there are not enough people “buying” the deal within given time frame, the deal will be “Off”. No one gets the deal and no one will be charged.

The difference between WeBUY and other group buying sites is their selection process. Currently there are two distinct groups of group buying sites. One that focuses on nothing but prices, as long as the deal is cheap enough, they will feature it.

The other (which is WeBUY’s school of thought), goes through stringent selection process, by only exploring quality merchants then strike a good deal. The entire
process focuses on consumers’ experience. All in all, they want consumers to experience good food, spas, events, at an affordable price. A good reason to try out new things.

Have you always thought that there isn’t much to do or eat in KL? This site can at least give users some idea on where to dine, where to go, etc… and the best part is, at a good value. Helps in planning ahead as well.

The site also has a “suggest a business” feature. Where users can tell WeBUY the deals that they are interested in, and if there’s enough demand, WeBUY will strike a deal with the merchant and get the deal featured.

Check out their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/WeBUYnow for updates and spread it out to your friends cos the more ppl ON… the more successful the deals are. 😀

Trust me and sign-up here ( http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/register.php?bgcode=BG01-03 ) now thanks to me 😀 and receive RM 5 credit that you can use for your next purchase on www.WeBUY.com.my

Deal of the week:

91% off for a package at Zen’th Beauty & Slimming Spa for only RM 58 and you get 5-in-1 Grooming Package and RM 100 voucher. BEST!

Special deal – RM 0 for a Gucci bag once it hits 3000 buyers. So what are you waiting for? Get your friends to sign up now. They can even get RM 5 credit when they sign-up.

For Apple fanbois out there who missed out the previous iPad deal, lets see which lucky feller actually won it.


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