What Friends Say About My Aquos

Since I got my new SHARP Aquos TV few months ago, I have invited quite a number of friends and relatives over at my place to chill and watch movies and dramas together. Since previously I was using a rather small one, this new 52″ Aquos is really bringing more fun to my living room than before.

So of course when you have people coming over for movie nights n all, people tend to comment when they see the new TV. After a while, I sort of figured out the most frequent comments regarding the Aquos. Below are some of the quotes. Quoting my friends and family randomly.

One of the few comments I got was how awesome the TV and the images it produces. As though they were watching those TV demos at electrical appliances shops. As you know, those merchants tend to play videos out of BluRay, hence the clarity and vibrancy is top notch. This goes to my Sharp Aquos as well. When I play full HD videos which I got on my Apple TV, it’s as though they are watching demos cos it was SO SHARP< SO VIBRANT and SO AWESOME.

Some of my relatives who only come to my house like 2-3 times a year, they were impressed by my 52″. Without even switching on the TV, they were slowly admiring the design of it. Since the border is quite thin and the whole TV itself is very thin, the SHARP Aquos does look quite futuristic. I personally like the fact that it stick quite near to my wall due to the thinness. 🙂

Yup. When you have a TV capable of viewing HD videos, everything hidden before or on other TVs will be revealed right in front of you. Blemishes is visible, wrinkles is visible, textures on the table or even the road, they are all so clear and visible to the naked eye. Quite an amazing thing to happen on the TV, really an eye opener.

You know, when we watch movies, we tend to dim the lights or switch them off totally. Apart from the breathtaking images on the 52″, the little SHARP logo at the bottom glows. It’s like the Star Trek logo and it glows to show that the TV is switched on or on standby mode. Quite useful.

Lastly, when watching F1 or football matches, my dad kept on saying that it looks so real its as if he was there. Thats how realistic the images produced by the Aquos.


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