What Happened In May, Stays In May

It’s always fun to look at what your life was like half a year ago. As usual, my postings are always 6 months ago. This one, is actually more then 6 months, lol!

Not sure why but there are too many photos to post that the updates here cannot catch up. Anyway, here are some stuff that happened in May 2014.

Breakout Launch in Avenue K

Got Amber Chia worrrrrrrrrr so hebat.

Got smashpOp worrrrrrrrrr hebat also lol. LynnD and Eric looked awesome.

Mother’s Day!

MamapOp loves afternoon tea so I brought her to Pastis, Gardens Mall.

Had a video shoot for Castrol. Selfie a bit in between filming lol

Another group shot after the shoot is done! In case you wanna watch the vid, it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2gm-VICLY0


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