What My Friends Say About The Leaf

As some of you noticed, I was selected as one of the 4 Nissan Leaf ambassadors recently and I got to be one of the first in Malaysia to drive the all-electric car for a long period of time.

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So here’s another post. Many of my friends were curious about the car and wanted to check it out. So we went for a drive and short outings while trying the car.

Here are some of them and quote their feedbacks about the Leaf.

“I think it’s a nice car. Very quite and very modern blue colour”
Derek: “The torque is amazing! The boot is big and very silent”
Koh: “Wow! I like it! Torque is very keng ah! Very spacious inside also”

Henry: “It’s so quiet and smooth it feels like sitting in a hovercraft. Super impressed with the torque”
Darren: “Very nice design. Though I would hope for it to be at an affordable price since the distance is limited”
Paul: “The headlights are so cool!”

Calvin: “Love the torque. Though eco, I would still see if there would be any charging stations around in the future before getting an electric car”

Suet: “I think it’s nice.. but don’t think I’ll get one cos I’m still studying ehehhe”
Sam: “Everything is so awesome! The gear knob doesn’t look like a gear knob! It has rear view camera, so unexpected!”
Lee: “Wow can fit 6 people inside this Leaf!”
Eugene: “I would definitely want to own one of these electric cars in the future. Cant wait for it to be implemented”
Nick: “Love the modern design and colour”

Leonard: “Looks good. Hope it won’t be too pricey or else it will lose its charm”

Evan: “You’ve already started your car? How come no sound? There’s no engine? No key? Impressive”

There you go, what my friends say about the Nissan Leaf. It is indeed an amazing car. Love driving it everyday. 😀



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    Nice new header =)

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    thanks brader

  2. sudonano

    I must say, it does look nice. wonder whats the maintenance like, since it has no petrol engine…

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