What’s Up, Aquos!

As previously mentioned, I have a gadget in my house which comes with probably the biggest screen I’ve ever own. What is it? Well, it’s not my 27″ computer system cos 27″ is just too small. LOL
It’s actually my SHARP Aquos tv which is nicely placed in the middle of my living room, showing its full glory to all my family members, friends and guests.

Here you go. My awesome looking Aquos paired with my selection of tiled wallpaper and my favorite silver bling bling fan. Oh, not forgetting Mad Men playing while I capture this shot. Perfect eh? 😀
Actually I’m not a fan of Mad Man but the retro look of the casts somehow match the feel of this shot so I was like OK LAH SNAP LAH!

So what awesome things can this 52″ gadget do? Well, here’s a brief look at them. Stickers which I don’t plan to peel off cos they look nice like that.
Just to mention a few; DIVX+ HD support, SRS Surround sound, DLNA support, 3x USB ports and many many more.

One of the featured I like to play with is this. The AV Mode. Depending on what my activity is, I switch to the mode that suits the most. When I’m watching my HD movies, I’ll swithc is to MOVIE mode and when im playing games on my console, I’ll never forget to turn on GAME mode.
Actually most of the time I lazy lah.. so I set it on AUTO cos the SHARP Aquos knows eactly when Im viewing and will automatically set the modes by itself. Fuyoh!

If you notice, I don’t quite rely on Hifi systems in my living room cos the audio output on the TV itself is already AMAZING.

Oh, not forgetting, the SHARP Aquos tv is capable of viewing 3D. Just a tap of the button on the remote, and you can enjoy your 3D movies in the comfort of your living room (in this case, my living room) by just wearing a pair of 3D glasses.

My dad keeps saying that watching TV all day wastes electricity, until one day I told him about the ECO mode on the AQUOS. It saves electricity yo! How? By analysing the surrounding and lighting condition in the room and the TV will adjusts brightness of the screen by itself. Wah.. like robot lidat. HAhhaah

Actually, you can find out more about SHARP AQUOS from this FB page below.


Also! Don’t forget that you can win cool prizes by sharing a photo of you and your SHARP product!



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