This Is My Mobile Phone Security Story. What’s Your Story?

Hello to all my friends. Have your computer ever got attacked by viruses or malware before? Have anyone tried to spy on your data or invade your privacy when you are using your mobile phone?
I’m sure you have right? Me too! LOLOLOL So I have done a video to talk about my story.

Check it out yo!

Now why not you share your story as well? I’m sure it would be fun if we all make videos telling stories about how these bad things happened to our computers and mobile phones right?

WHAT EVEN BETTER than doing the video and getting rewarded with THOUSANDS of Ringgit?

Trend Micro is organizing this “Whats your Story” campaign for us to post up our videos regarding incidents mentioned above and best 3 videos with prizes up to RM6.5k!

They are also currently having roadshows at the locations in the image above.
So how do you participate in “What’s Your Story”? Easy.
– Just go to
– Click on the Register icon at the top right of the page
– Fill in the simple form and upload their video
– Post the link and share it with your friends on Facebook. Get your friends to like the video and THAT’S IT!

Watchu watchu waitin for? Hehe go record your videos NOWWWW!


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