WHOA! iTalkWhoa!

So you call and SMS a lot.
You check your email all the time.
You are always on Facebook and Twitter.
Then I am sure you chat a lot on messengers.
Now if only we can merge all these networks messaging applications in one.. then life would be easier.
Fret not! A solution is here!

TM has just announced a new iTalk service, called WHOA!
ITalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systems. iTalk Whoa provides and interface that enables users to synchronize all the email accounts, social networking sites to enable them to connect, communicate and collaborate with their families and friends.
You can email, SMS, make calls, connect with instant messaging and even read your favorite news through just one portal.

With the tagline “Connect, Communicate and Collaborate”, it’s aim is to ease our life by merging all of the things we do online and offline into one portal that allows us to communicate and connect with our friends and family easily.
Now this is really WHOAAAAA.

The interface is more or less like the Outlook program on your computer. On the left sidebar, we can find our mail, contact list, calendar, notes, Twitter and SMS menus.

Some of the notable features of iTalk Whoa:
– Integrates with major webmail services such as MSN, Yahoo! and Gmail
– Integrates with standards compliant corporate email servers

Push email
– Enable email been push to mobile
– Real-time true push of emails & attachments

Instant messaging
– Full collaboration and communication solution
– Enable multiple Chat servers integrate into one IM Chat

Social Network Integration
– Seamless ITalk Whoa! integration with the most popular business & social networking services like Twitter.
– Single point access to all networks

Checkout iTalk Whoa at http://www.italkwhoa.com/



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