Wide Fashion

HAHAHA just back from Pirates 3 screening. All I can say is that… it is not as good as expected… and part 2 was A LOT better.. and Chow Yuen Fatt died in the midle of the movie. ahha ok curse me for the spoiler. 😀

2 weeks ago I met up with some buddies who came down from Penang.

Koolz on my right n Tungz on my left. They brought me around for makan makan when I was in Penang.. so it was my turn to return the favor…

ok enough about that…

after meeting.. we walked around midvalley and stopped at the centre court for a while for the fashion show.

That was the time when I tested my wide lens

some might ask… actually.. how much wider it is then your normal lens?

the 18mm is what we normally have.. the kitlens that comes with the camera.. or like mine.. the 18-200mm which i bought separately.

the second photo.. was taken using my wide lens at 11mm. FUAH! now that’s wide.

and if you ask.. how TALL is WIDE if u take fotos vertically?

erm.. from the floor to the roof lor.. ahahaha

oh nearly forgot… fashion show must show a bit models..

i cincaily took these

that’s Jeff doing his thing. lol he was so happy when i sent him the foto. “damn nice la this pic” he said. 😀

ok la finish bye


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