Winter Warmers

Last week I went to the Curve with my mum for lunch.

Dropped by TGIF to meet Kelli n frens for her birthday lunch

In the foto: Asyraf, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Albert, Waifon, me, Jenifer, Ivan, Bryan, Cheryl.

Then I left them and continued my lunch with mum at Winter Warmers.

I damn like this place! The apple tea rox! Chicken also yummy. ahhahaa

mum’s fish n chip

my chicken. damn nice.


anyways… I was surfing youtube the other day and found this video.

I can stll remember the soundtrack til now… “never ending stooooryyyy.. ahhh ahhh ahhhh” lol… AND THE FLYING DOG!

It surely brought back a lot of childhood memories…. cos IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE!!!(that time la.. when i was still a kid)

Have you watched this movie before? Please lemme know if you have and liked the movie as well.

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