With 100 bucks, these are what Malaysians can use it for.

As Malaysians, we have all seen and witnessed how prices of goods and services increase throughout the recent years. A packet of Nasi Lemak used to cost only 50 cents. Now the same pack of Nasi Lemak (maybe smaller in portion) costs about RM2 to RM3.

We all know it, and we complain about it every day but still, we Malaysians seem to still be able to go travel, enjoy coffee at hipster cafes, queue and buy new iPhones, etc.

Clearly, we are still OKAY.

So here’s something to think about. IF you have RM100 now, what are the things you can spend on?

1. An iPhone Case

These cases can cost from RM79 up to RM300. We all know it. We still buy it. Just go check out Machines and Epicenter and you will most likely see people buying them.

2. High tea set

At some cafes, you can get it for about RM60 but most of the time, they would want you to buy for 2 pax. Which should cost around RM120-RM160. So yea.. happy for 2 hours looking rich and then you are back to reality.

3. Your electricity bill

With every household having air-cond, computers, TV and fridge.. it’s very likely that your monthly TNB bill is around or at least RM100.

4. A t-shirt from Topshop

Don’t you all think the prices of Tshirts at Topman or Topshop is so expensive? A basic T with a little pocket on the chest can go up to RM100!

Or you can spend the RM100 on learning a skill to improve your Instagram photo taking and editing which will bring you more LIKES, COMMENTS and FOLLOWERS.

5. A Photography Workshop

Many times you ask… how do I remove the dustbin from the background? How do I make the clouds visible in the sky? How do I enhance the face of the person I am taking photos of?

Well, you can learn all those from SMASHPOP’S PHOTOGRAPHY AND EDITING WORKSHOP.

Learning a simple photo editing skill can bring you very far in life… since our lives now revolve around social media.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP… it’s only RM100: http://smashpopworkshop.peatix.com/

“I dont know Photoshop”… more reason to join this first session!
“I dont have Photoshop” …. trial versions will be provided prior to the workshop
“I dont have a laptop” …. Microsoft is providing some units of the Surface Pro and Surface Book 2 at the workshop.



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