Wong Tai Seen(黄大仙) Temple

One of the most famous temple in Hongkong, the Wong Tai Seen temple, is visited by thousands of people during Chinese New Year.

We purposely made a trip there to see how it’s like.

The temple was really packed with people from all walks of life holding jossticks walking around and praying..

This was where they lit up the jossticks.

My purpose there was just to take photos.. I walked up down left right pushing myself through the human jam to try to capture some nice shots. Many were staring at me lol.

… and I was stucked.. stood there dono whattodo.. ohnoes

At the side of the temple was where all the forture tellers were. “Speak In English” wor.. so high class wan..

Group shot before we left for lunch!



  1. G

    so hansem wor.

  2. simonso

    go la go all lah!

  3. kim

    speak english hahah wth. i wonder how thy explain in english.

  4. yinxie

    of course ppl stare at you when you care holding camera and taking pic.

    the whole purpose of it is to pray! not snap pic!

    damn jakun you.LOL

  5. louisexin

    e i dun like tat place. i rmb i went thr the first time visited hk. eye tearing non stop and barely can keep it open. :/

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