Wow, Hello London! Nice to meet you. [video]

Part 1: The Flight To London

Since the flight was 13 hours from Singapore to London, we had 2 meals and a lot of sleeping time in between hehe.

Lunch! I love flight meals.. said this a thousand times lol

Dinner! I think I love flight meals cos they r presented like a bento box.. which is fun 😀

We finally arrived at Heathrow Airport! Group shot of everyone.. Bloggers and winners from Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Windows Live crew.

We arrived at the airport at 8PM and the moment we stepped out I was shocked to see the sky was still bright.. bright like 4pm in Malaysia LOL where’s the dark skies yo? It’s freakin 8PM lol

While in the bus… all the jakun people like me… kept taking photos of the surroundings and the streets… ahah first time visit London ma.. is like that wan lor 😛 Check out the awesome Harry Potter promo! It’s like a welcome sign to us since we were there for the premiere.

WOWOWOW London cab! hahahah jakun again..

Then we were stucked in a traffic jam… but somehow the scene just looked a lot better than traffic jam in Malaysia…

WATCH THIS 8pm video! 😀

More soon!



  1. George Lim

    Great stuff! Missing the UK traffic. Haha…

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