YES + Goodbye Urbanscapes

I saw Taiwan’s ‘Susan Boyle’ aka Xiao Phang! LOL He was the special guest at the YES4G launch just now at Lot 10.

So how is YES4G? Isit really fast? Well.. I cant tell you anything.. In fact.. I have nothing to tell.

Was invited to the special launch event at JW Marriott prior to the public launch but I was late since I had to work. The YES PR personnel told me that I cant get the YES USB dongle like everyone else cos I was late.
So yeah.. no dongle.. cant review. Lets move on.

These are the last few photos I took at Urbanscapes which took place in June at KLPAC.

An Honest Mistake Band performing at the outdoor stage yo!

Bumped into Bell after the performance.

Coincidentally, ALbert was there too.. with his cameras and phones. LOL

Camho session then started.

Took a group shot and bid goodbye to Urbanscapes. See you in 2011!


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