Yes Life iOS App Launch @ National Geographic Cafe

Yes.. the 4G mobile operator here in Malaysia just launched their Yes Life iOS app and they held a bloggers event at National Geographic Cafe in Lot 10.

The guests tonight were mostly tech bloggers and geeks, cos according to Yes: “We are all geeks here at Yes”.

This phone booths caught the attention of many.. why? Cos they are iPad phonebooths! Offering free calls to anyone anywhere in the world.. attendees were all queueing to make phone calls here lol

It was a pleasure to meet Tan Sri Francis Yeoh as he came to welcome us, tell us stories about communications, history and post-pc generation.

Reading notes off his iPad, he introduced the all new Yes Life app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Here are 2 screenshots of the app. When the Yes Life app on iDevices, we can sign up to get a Yes ID, a 018 number and we get to call anyone anywhere whether local or overseas at only 9cents/minute!

The night ended with a speed challenge whereby 2 fastest people win themselves an iPad 2 each. Woot!

I … didnt win. oh well. lol ok thats it bye!



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