Yes, you.

(Photos below taken using Sony A300)

OK on the 2nd day of our workshop, we learnt wireless flash portraiture, guided by this famous photographer, Ted Adnan.

Ted adviced us on lightings, reflectors, shadows, interacting with models… etc. A great crash course.

We never wasted a second when it comes to learning… haha all also tried to squeeze as much info from him as possible. That’s him in the photo, giving tips while we shoot.

His session lasted til lunch time. We reckon that it was our time to pose and camho. lol

Random shot while having lunch.

Chrysler’s teammate, Tan.

We had a short talk with the model just now… and here’s the conversation.

LOL that’s it. More tomorrow. Check out the episodes of Double Exposure here.

I’ll be at The Spirit screening tomoro at Pyramid at 8pm… anyone coming for the movie too? See you there.



  1. Albert Ng

    You were reborn as a lens-cap-taking n00b.

    smashpOp Replies:

    templar replied

  2. hitomi

    Sui wo…hehe…of course not you la…

    smashpOp Replies:

    damn bad

    hitomi Replies:

    Oo…thought yesterday replied you tapi here no reply from Me..

    Never mind la…I reply you again.
    You are guy ma…how can be sui le???
    Hensem can??

  3. Templar

    Hmm… I don’t remember snapping a picture with a lens cap on. Sure that’s me ar ? LOL

    smashpOp Replies:

    haha joking jek.. don angry 😛

  4. Albert Ng

    Eh, I’m referring to smashpOp taking a picture of a lens cap… not Templar taking a picture with lens cap on.

  5. kurye

    very nice gread article thanks

  6. kurye

    tha nk you good article

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